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Employer Programs and Services

Many employers trust Mayle Trans Trucking School to support their fleet growth by providing safe, skilled entry-level drivers.

We provide comprehensive fleet training and driver hiring solutions to motor carriers nationwide. Whether you need to train your current staff for CDL-required roles or hire new drivers regularly, we are a trusted provider of safe, qualified drivers across the country.

Staff Training

Fleet Training

Enhance your drivers' skills, comply with state and federal regulations, and boost efficiency in your transportation business with Mayle Trans Trucking School. With over 5 years of experience in driver training and a professional team, we are your ideal partner.

We assist your staff in earning their CDL, improving specific skills, and offering targeted safety training, such as defensive driving, to maintain high safety ratings and protect your drivers.

Staff Training

Employ Drivers

Mayle Trans Trucking School is continually seeking dependable, safe, and trustworthy employers to hire our graduates.

With a pool of recent graduates and an extensive alumni network of over 5,000 drivers, becoming a preferred partner offers you the opportunity to:

  • Advertise directly on our campuses

  • Employ military veterans through our alumni database.

  • Keep your fleet operating smoothly with the next generation of skilled and safe drivers

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